February 2019: ECHO Project Launch

As of 1 February 2019, the ECHO-project has started, organized and coordinated approach to strengthen proactive cyber security in the European Union, through effective and efficient multi-sector collaboration. The project already involves 30 partners from the East to the West of Europe, and is actively engaging new partners interested to contribute to the cybersecurity resilience of the EU and in reaching the collaboration goals.

The pilot project is funded by the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 and is led by the Royal Military Academy of Belgium. Through a 48-month work plan significant outcomes will contribute to improvements in the state of cybersecurity resilience across the EU.

The main goal of the project is to organize and optimize the currently fragmented cybersecurity efforts across the EU. The Central Competence Hub will serve as the focal point for the ECHO Multi-sector Assessment Framework enabling multi-sector cybersecurity dependencies analysis and management including:

    • Development of cybersecurity technology roadmaps;
    • Creation of an ECHO Cybersecurity Certification Scheme aligned with ongoing EU efforts;
    • Provision of an ECHO Early Warning System;
    • Operation of an ECHO Federation of Cyber Ranges;
    • Delivery of the ECHO Cyberskills Framework, with training materials and training events;
    • Management of an expanding collection of Partner Engagements.

Interested? Follow this webpage for updates or contact us by email for additional information at info@enqurirya.com

ECHO-Consortium Partners: